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Some domestic partnerships may be dissolved by filing a Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership form with the California Secretary of State. In order for the Secretary of State to honor your request to dissolve a domestic partnership, you must meet certain requirements, including:.

Once the Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership form has been filed, there is a mandatory six month waiting period. If those six months pass with no change of mind from either partner, the registered domestic partnership is then dissolved.

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However, if one party changes their mind about the termination, he or she can revoke the notice. If this happens, a Notice of Revocation of Termination of Domestic Partnership must be filed, and both parties must have a copy of the completed form.

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Both parties can still terminate the partnership at this point, but it has to be done through the court. In this scenario, the parties will dissolve the partnership in a similar way to a married couple going for divorce. For a full list of criteria and the required brochure and accompanying form, visit the California Secretary of State website. Although A.

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  • The Supreme Court ruling in did not change any of the domestic partnership sections in the California Family Code; however, it is important to recognize that a domestic partnership is not the same as a marriage license in the state. While the office of the California Secretary of State continues to process applications for domestic partnerships, county government in California now processes marriage licenses for same-sex couples. If both partners are over the age of 18—or have the permission of their parents— or, for an opposite-sex couple, one partner is at least 62 years of age , and meet all other requirements, then the domestic partnership can be registered with the Secretary of State in California.

    For domestic partners to have the rights provided under California state law, they must be registered in the California statewide registry. The additional requirements for a domestic partnership registration include:. Most Baby Boomers contemplating divorce have different needs simply because of where they are at in life.

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    Since the majority of the income-generating years are behind them, special attention must…. Going to a courthouse can be a nerve wracking experience, especially your first time.

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    While every experience is different, there are always points of commonality. This guide is intended to….

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    2. A.B. 205 – California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003.
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    6. Dissolution Of Domestic Partnership In California: Family Code 297-297.5!

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