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Opinion regarding a municipality within Hampton County fails to provide the information required by South Carolina Code Section during the booking process at the Hampton County Detention Center. Opinion concerning the application of S. Opinion principally concerned in the area of persons jailed for contempt for failure to pay child support.

Opinion requesting assistance in researching the legal ramifications of the new Concealed Weapons Permit as it relates to civilian use of force. Opinion requesting clarification as to whether Mrs. Hunter, a victim of a robbery that took place in Alaska two years prior, must go back to Alaska to testify, despite the tremendous hardship it would cause, or if there is another way to submit her testimony. Opinion concerning whether it is legal to have the blood of the deceased tested for HIV virus and Hepatitis B and give the results to their caregivers.

South Carolina Sex Offenders

Opinion inquiring as to how the length of time is determined before an inmate who is denied parole can become re-eligible, specifically concerning the case of Tellis Edwards, who had been convicted of Grand Larceny, Housebreaking, and plead guilty to Manslaughter. Opinion concerning Yolanda M. Simmons, and inquiring whether S. Opinion concerning the dissemination of social security numbers which appear in documents in the office of the Clerk of Court. Opinion regarding the question of when the name of a juvenile can be released to the public, including the media.

Opinion concerning whether South Carolina is in compliance with the Violence Against Women grant requirements as set forth in P. Opinion regarding the interpretation of S. Section which deals with accidents involving police vehicles. Opinion asking a number of questions concerning the operation of municipal court, on the topics of the statute of limitations for warrants, additional charges brought against a person for failure to appear, how a defendant is to be notified if a person is absent at a trial, what the time limit is to request a jury trial, if a bench warrant can be issued for failure to appear, and if rehabilitation may be prescribed by the judge.

Opinion regarding as to whether the offense of kidnapping would constitute a crime of moral turpitude.

Opinion inquiring whether the crime of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature is a crime of moral turpitude. Opinion referencing a amendment to the statutes regarding the Pretrial Intervention Program, S. Code Sections et seq. Opinion questioning whether a magistrate may impose a fine or jail time and order a defendant to make restitution to the victim of a fraudulent check violation.

Opinion concerning whether S.

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Requested by: Frampton Durban, Jr. Opinion addressing several questions arising from Act. Opinion regarding whether financial reports submitted by schools to help establish financial stability as part of the Application for License would be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. Requested by: The Honorable Fred R. Opinion concerning whether the crime of criminal sexual conduct with a minor under Section can be classified as a violent crime. Opinion concerning whether or not the crime of attempting to possess crack cocaine is a crime of moral turpitude.

Opinion concerning reports of abuse, misuse and misappropriation of public money at the University Of South Carolina. Opinion concerning whether requested information regarding a specific child protective services case may be voluntarily disclosed to the Joint Legislative Committee on Children by the State Department of Social Services.

Requested by: The Honorable James L.

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Solomon, Jr. Opinion concerning the apparent conflict between the provisions in S. Opinion concerning the authority of the Commission on Aging to request or require information about services to the aging which it does not fund.


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Opinion concerning whether the death penalty may be sought, i. Opinion regarding Sections et seq. Opinion concerning whether the Federal Emergency Management Agency is required to obtain permits for mobile homes it owns and provides within the State to disaster victims. Opinion regarding a procedure the Chief of SLED intends to implement regarding the handling of evidence at the new forensic laboratory. Opinion addressing multiple questions regarding large sums of bail bond money held in the official accounts of clerks of court and magistrates, specifically regarding the investment of these sums in interest-bearing accounts and to whose benefit interest on bail bond monies would inure.

Opinion on whether any priority should be given the collection and transmittal of funds designated for the State Office of Victim Assistance. Opinion concerning the legal options available to the Alcoholic beverage Control Commission regarding a licensee who allegedly refuses to serve African Americans in his restaurant, licensed by the Commission to sell beer and wine and liquor.

Requested by: The Honorable Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Code of Laws and which diseases are included in this category. The opinion also addresses what effect, if any, Section has upon Section which specifically refers to disease. Opinion regarding the provisions of Section 8 of Act No. Opinion regarding Section , which provides punishment for individuals convicted of driving under the influence.

Opinion questioning whether a magistrate is authorized to sentence offenders to attend such a program as a condition of a suspended sentence imposed on an individual convicted of issuing a fraudulent check. Opinion concerning whether the Book of Inquisition remains open in light of a provision in recently-enacted legislation, R, which generally restricts availability to the public of death certificates. Opinion involving House Bill which amends S. Opinion regarding an interpretation of S. Opinion on if there are any legal problems that may be anticipate if HIV testing a requirement for admissions to the Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center.

Opinion concerning the constitutionality of AIDS testing for county employees and county prisoners, especially those involved in prostitution. Opinion concerning whether or not the South Carolina Department of Corrections can, for its internal classification purposes, place inmates convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree an offense defined by the General Assembly as non-violent in a classification category with offenses defined as violent pursuant to S.

Opinion concerning the application of several provisions of the recently enacted comprehensive Tort Claims Act [Section , et. Requested by: John H. Holladay, Jr. Opinion concerning whether arrest warrants charging violations of an order of protection issued pursuant to Sections 20—4—10 et seq.

Requested by: The Honorable David H. Opinion on whether an individual simultaneously serving on the North Charleston City Council and on the Board of Trustees of Charleston Memorial Hospital would contravene the dual office holding your accompanying memorandum, you have concluded that an individual your accompanying memorandum, you have concluded that an individual so holding those offices would be holding dual offices.

Opinion as to the applicability of the article covering compensation for crime victims Code of Laws of South Carolina, Section 16—3— et seq. Opinion regarding whether or not a Joint Resolution, as passed by the General Assembly, and proposing to amend the South Carolina Constitution to permit appropriations and authorization of expenditures to families and individuals for disaster relief, is now necessary in light of the opinion this office issued on April 3, Opinion on whether your office can administer federal funds made available to the State through the Federal Disaster Relief Act of , for the purpose of providing assistance to low and moderate income persons who were victims of the tornadoes of last week.

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Requested by The Honorable Richard W. Riley, Governor.

South Carolina Sex Offender Registry

Opinion on whether a coroner has the authority to order a blood-alcohol test for a driver of an automobile who, because of injuries suffered in an accident, is unable to take a breathalyzer test. Opinion on the applicability of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act to the disclosure of Supplementary Homicide Reports as well as the propriety of referring inquirers to the local law enforcement agencies for the same information.

Requested by J.

Robert Turnbull, Jr. Opinion on applicability of Section , Code of Laws , as amended , to inmates presently surviving sentences in South Carolina. Opinion on where partial restitution is made both before a warrant is executed and after a warrant has been executed but prior to the case being tried. Requested by The Honorable Virginia L. Opinion on whether or not the Parole Board has the authority to require an individual being placed on parole after service of the required portion of his sentence to pay restitution. Opinion on what course of action can be taken to collect an assessment imposed pursuant to the provisions of recent legislation bearing ratification number R upon a defendant who pleads guilty or is found guilty of an offense within the jurisdiction of the Court of General Sessions when such defendant refuses to pay the assessment.

Opinion concerning provisions of recent legislation, bearing ratification number R, which establishes a community corrections plan for probationers and parolees. Opinion on whether information regarding sexual assault victims could be obtained by interested citizens under the Freedom of Information Act. Opinion on whether or not an individual can be charged as an accessory to a felony given certain circumstances. Lee M.

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Requested by The Honorable T. Requested by the Honorable William W. Wilkins, Jr. Opinion with respect to if a public hospital, such as Lexington County Hospital, should, or must, a hospital or its employees extract blood samples for blood alcohol analysis from a non-consenting defendant at the request of law enforcement officers or the coroner, and would the hospital or an employee of the hospital be civilly liable for the non-negligent extraction of a blood alcohol sample from a patient without his consent, if this were done at the request of a law enforcement officer or the coroner.

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Elmer C. Whitten, Jr. Requested by Joe E.