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As this link list grows, it will be divided in to more categories. You can browse through these images; then, by clicking on the picture of a heraldic figure, you will find out its name, in 6 languages French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. This is a terrific resource and a good place to start for those interested in Heraldry. The link site is operated by Francois Velde, who works as an economist, but has been a lover of heraldry since his childhood days, in France.

A links site to Bookmark! It cover England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A valuable resource for studying English heraldry. The original book was likely scanned, so some of the spelling is off a little, but otherwise, thank you to ancestry. The information is based on the original book by James Parker, of The site is extremely detailed as it describes heraldry terms and how they are applied in various arms.

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Many of the mottoes you will not find on other sites. Operated by Mervyn J Rossiter with our thanks. The Largest resource of its kind.

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Offered free from the good folks at Armorial Gold. Even if your family does not have a motto, this is place to get one; as mottoes are not individually protected, anyone can use a motto, regardless if someone else is using it. Mottoes are in French, Latin, Spanish, German and more. If you find a motto that interests you, select and copy it, and try a Google search…you may find a translation.

Good work Marc! Marc Letellier, who owns this links site, provides you with all the Blazons descriptions transcribed from the original manuscript. Although it is in French, with a few short lessons and maybe a good online dictionary, you can master it. It's one of the most popular heraldry resources. A convenient searchable database of this famous collection makes it easy to find the name you are looking for.

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The author has spent hundreds of hours to complete. There's a small subscription fee to view some , blazons heraldic descriptions of coats of arms from around the world that is sure to help the heraldry enthusiast and the professional alike.

Very Impressive Willem. This is handy when you're researching using a book that is not in your native tongue. It's the only one available that we know of. The Glossary of Heraldic Terms, although in French, is an excellent resource for those who understand that spoken word. Lots of great images and a very impressive links section on French Heraldry.

Ecclesiastical heraldry naturally divides itself into various branches, principally: the arms of religious corporations, and other bodies; the insignia of ecclesiastical dignity, rank, or office; the charges, terms, and forms of general heraldry having a religious or ecclesiastical origin, usage, or character; the emblems or devices attributed to or typifying particular saints or other beings venerated by the Church. A very informative site! Thanks to Darryl Lundy and his immense contribution for providing this heraldry links site.

When you get to the site, simply click on a letter to see if your name is referenced. When you get to the site, click on Clan A-Z at the top for a list of clans, and then click on the clan you want. It provides a little history and other information on the clan. Good work folks. The link is to the heraldry section, which provides some research links that we may not have covered. I am always amazed when I drop by this site, and the success it has enjoyed. This takes you to a series of options which include symbolism, dictionary, a tutorial on how to blazon, a history section, and some other interesting tutorials.

Worth a Look! We have divided this links section into two categories: vector and bitmap. Vector art has a transparent background and colors can be changed with the click of your mouse. Vector images can be enlarged without losing resolution, and outlines are crisp and smooth. Bitmaps or what are called raster images include Jpeg, Gif, Bmp, Tif, and others. These formats are primarily for programs like Photoshop, Paint and the like, although they also open in other graphic programs. Raster images generally have a solid background.

At this writing, over 29, images are offered in a choice of vector formats…probably the nicest Heraldry clipart on the Internet. FDL also offers many other products and services including custom work, which is a hard-to-find service.

Check out their Clan Badge collection…impressive. Hosford, from Australia, this site offers a collection of heraldry clipart, as well as name and coat of arms software. The coat of arms software is well done. They have been pleasing us since The art is a little pricey, but the quality appears very good. They sell images individually and also have some package offers. Although low resolution, they make great web art and an excellent guide to heraldic charges.

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Terrific for the Student! Jim has numerous websites offering heraldic products, and was trained in heraldry by the former Herald for the Knights of Malta. The site does make a good resource but keep in mind most individual names had several coats of arms registered…some names, hundreds of arms were recorded. Certainly worth a visit. They also have a great flag archive. Check it out. This links section includes coats of arms from various countries, as well as personal arms; when the website is not in English we provide you with instructions on how to access the images.

Those of you in the design business will find these heraldry links an excellent resource. There about 15, coats of arms from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and more. By selecting the Place Name Index you can see all the countries and states covered. You can enlarge individual drawings by clicking on them. Wawrzak, and features some of the more ancient Polish coats of Arms.

Nice reference for those who want to create their own arms based on historical records. Good Jozef. It really is a nice resource and has taken years to develop. Thanks Ralph for sharing your legacy with us. Primarily written in one of the Nordic languages, although you will find English descriptions as well. You can click on one of the shields to see the full achievements.

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You will note that the charges used in some cases are very unusual which likely explains why heraldry brokers rarely offer them. Arriving at the site, click on "familia" for blasons, "escudos" for personal arms. The word "enlaces" means "links". It appears to be a work in progress, but well worth the visit.

Although in Spanish, you need only type in a name, and click on "Buscar", to see the images associated with the surname.

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It provides their interpretation of arms and in most cases also gives you alternate arms from various areas of Spain, for the same surname. The Learning resources are particularly good if you understand the Spanish language. A Superior resource link! The arms feature the blazons and in some cases, pertinent history. Worth a look! They are all listed in the center of the page. Each family has a coat of arms displayed. An impressive resource. Scroll down and click on a letter to see the coat of arms.

These include not only the coats of arms renderings on paper it shows where to get heraldry rings, glassware, wood engravings, clothing, and much more. The rings are particularly nice…. This site brought to you by familysealrings seems to be a manufacturer and the work is particularly good. Lots of categories to browse through.

The rings and cufflinks are extremely attractive, and you can now order hand embroidered coat of arms. How to make your Coat of Arms. Family Crest, Coat of Arms Free to view your coat of arms family crest, shield also known as a symbol, design, pattern, tartan, picture, template or tattoo. Now the worlds most popular online Coat of Arms Creator! There is no difference!

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