What happens in a background check

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you must give consent for an employer to conduct a background check on your credit history. The employer will likely ask for your social security number and any alternative names that might apply to you, such as nicknames or a maiden name.

Employers must use a credible, certified consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or they could be in legal trouble for using other means to run a background check on your credit history. Once an employer submits your information to a CRA, he receives a report on your credit history, which includes information about your previous residences.

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Employers often use this type of background check to ensure that you don't have any past or pending lawsuits pertaining to financial issues. Bankruptcy filings are listed on credit reports.

What Happens if You Have a Bad Record or Bad Credit?

Criminal activity, such as fraud, tax evasion, identity theft and overdue alimony payments, doesn't usually show up on CRAs, but it does show up on criminal background checks. Once a background check is completed, an employer must notify you if the results led to denying your employment application, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Complete Guide to Background Checks

You can dispute any information you believe is inaccurate with the CRA. However, the employer doesn't have to take your word for it if the findings aren't corrected or amended by the CRA. If the employer doesn't have any concerns about the results of your background checks, she might not say anything to you about them, or she might let you know that everything was fine. Some employers require criminal background checks. Applicants must submit their fingerprints so they can be compared against criminal records obtained by state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Individuals applying for teaching jobs, government positions or law enforcement jobs are often required to submit fingerprints for analysis.

Fingerprinting is performed by state-approved fingerprinting agencies and requires certification to guarantee authenticity. Employers do not obtain applicants' fingerprints themselves, and job applicants are not permitted to do their own. In some cases, electronic fingerprints and live scans, rather than ink fingerprints, are requested.

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Fingerprint cards and electronic scans are sent to state bureaus of investigation, and employers can expect to receive the results within 10 days, according to the risk management department on the North Dakota State Government website. The results show all criminal activity that matches your fingerprints. That mortgage payment you defaulted on with the partner that you lived with shortly after college?

How Do You Fail a Background Check?

Surely, you learned a lot of lessons there; can you find a way to spin the story so that it demonstrates your problem-solving skills? Educate yourself as much as you can about this next step in the process. Some large corporations may simply be ruling out anyone with a felony, or they may just really want to make sure you graduated cum laude from Dartmouth in And really, if the organization is investing in the background check, chances are extremely high that it wants to hire you so try not to freak out about the standard process.

You made it through the tough part; be confident that you can survive a little fact-checking. Photo of woman on phone courtesy of Shutterstock.


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