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Once you get to your state's Department of Corrections page, you might have to do a little bit of searching for penal records.


Each state has them listed differently; some might have a link to Offender Search or Inmate Search. Every state's penal search form has a couple of things in common.

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You'll need at least a last name just to get started, and if you have a first name, you'll have even better results. Unless you have a lot of specific information, try a general search first and narrow it down until you find what you're looking for.

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If you want a copy of your own individual arrest images, you can go to the jail where the initial booking took place and make inquiries. The process differs by county and state, but you'll most likely need to make a formal records request to obtain this information. Not every person who gets arrested gets their picture taken, and arrest information isn't necessarily public record unless you're a celebrity or similar person of public interest.

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Updated October 17, The annex facility is comprised of 4, 40 inmate dormitories. Both facilities are self-sufficient operations consisting of housing, food service and laundry facilities that maintain a high level of service on a daily basis.

Gagliardi, Lieutenant J. Desmond and Lieutenant A. There are 4 squads, each consisting of 1 sergeant, 1 master deputy, and 8 detention officers.


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Personal items for inmates are not accepted at this facility. Tobacco products are prohibited. Inmates are allowed to work, openings permitting, in the kitchen and the laundry and are required to keep their housing units clean.