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If you receive full IV-D services, or if your support payment is paid through an income withholding order to the State Disbursement Unit SDU , you may get case information by:. In Connecticut, child support orders can only be changed modified by a judge or a family support magistrate. There are three ways to get your child support case to court for a hearing to ask a judge or family support magistrate to change your order: 1 ask Support Enforcement Services to assist; 2 hire an attorney; or 3 do it yourself.

Child Support Enforcement Legislative History

If you are asking for the modification, you must attend the court hearing or the judge or magistrate will not change the order. You may be eligible to participate by phone if you are not residing in Connecticut. Using Support Enforcement Services: If you have a child support case with the state child support program, you may ask Support Enforcement Services SES in writing, by phone or by e-mail to review your court order to see if a change may be needed. You will be asked to complete a written request form which includes providing information about you and the other parent.

If your court order is from another state, contact SES and ask how to change an out of state order. Please note that Support Enforcement Services employees are not attorneys and cannot represent either parent at court hearings.

Hiring an Attorney: You may hire an attorney to file a motion for modification and represent you before the court. How to File a Modification on your own. My employee is subject to Income Withholding. What does that mean for me as the employer?

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Employer Information: Child support is often collected through income withholding orders and is paid by the non-custodial parent's employer out of the parent's wages. Income subject to withholding may include:.

For a complete listing of income subject to withholding, see Connecticut General Statutes section Employer Responsibilities: After an employer receives an income withholding order, the employer must:. What if there is an Income Withholding Order from another state?

Legislative History | Green Book. House Committee on Ways and Means.

When the obligor makes a claim for workers' compensation benefits, the employer shall include a copy of any order for withholding received by the employer for the obligor with the employer's first report of occupational illness or injury to the employer's workers' compensation benefits carrier, and such benefits carrier shall withhold funds pursuant to the withholding order and pay any sums withheld as required by subsection f of C.

Flight tickets? Did you provide notice to the other parent? Divorce is not easy on the individual or the family going through it. It can be emotionally exhausting, financially draining.

Skip to content. In Texas, child support payments are considered confidential information, which means they are not open to the public.

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Child Support Payment Options in Texas. Most commonly, child support is paid via: Cash Debit Card Credit Card Bank Draft Additionally, parents can pay by phone, mail, online, or walk-in appointments. Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Share on pinterest Pinterest. Prev Previous Weekly Top Ten.

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