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Text size: A A A. GO Advanced Search. Learn more about your issue, your rights and where to find legal services near you. Animation and Video Resources: New Bankruptcy Class - view this helpful video if you are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The role gives him slightly more parenting time and final say-so on issues such as medical decisions. Carp also awarded him the family's residence until their last child leaves home, when he must sell or refinance to pay Seeley her share.

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The judge ordered him to pay Seeley's medical bills but awarded her far less spousal support than she hoped to receive. Seeley is among an increasing number of Lane County residents forced by financial woes to represent themselves in court. Amid a three-year national recession, local judges say they are seeing more and more pro se parties in contested divorce and custody cases.

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Their evidence is anecdotal: Oregon does not track such representation -- nor do most states, according to the National Center for State Courts. But in a national survey by the Self-Represented Litigation Network , 60 percent of judges reported seeing more pro se litigants since the economy tanked. And on several recent mornings, the Lane County Circuit Court trial docket has been dominated by domestic cases labeled "both parties pro se.

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The problem is not one of angry couples shrieking at each other, unbuffered by attorneys, the judges said. Indeed, during her proceeding, Seeley praised her ex-husband as "a good father. A report by a state Judicial Department family law committee found that more than two-thirds of the state's domestic cases involved at least one pro se party. The report urged simpler procedures, language and filing forms that are the same statewide.

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It proposed training judges and court staff to better work with pro se parties. And it urged family lawyers to donate more time representing low-income parties and to "unbundle" divorce services so people can hire attorneys for only part of their cases. Seeley actually did that after filing for divorce in February. She said her year marriage was strained to the breaking point as she underwent breast cancer surgery and treatment the previous year. Her cancer also left the self-employed couple reeling financially, she said. But Seeley used the Oregon State Bar's Modest Means referral service to find a local lawyer willing to discount her fees.

She had little choice.

The depressed housing market doomed Seeley's efforts to resume her real estate career. This gets in the way of healthy relationships. Learn to express strong emotions like anger, rage, and passion, they all go together. Find your voice and express yourself. View Email. Embarking on a new life can feel overwhelming. In this 8 week group in a safe and supportive environment we explore unresolved feelings through a variety of Co-Parenting After Separation and Divorce.

Are you separated or divorced with children and desire more co-parenting cooperation and communication? Do you find your children feeling stressed about the effects of separation or divorce?

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Co-parenting can be a challenge for Second Saturday Divorce Workshop for women. It provides unbiased information to help you understand all of your options, deal with your Gottman Couples workshop. This 7-hour workshop is designed to strengthen your relationships. You learn which behaviors are helpful and harmful to your relationship, Divorce and Separation Support.

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Divorce Support Group. Why not join together to help each other find new ways and new understandings? This group is forming now. Please call Divorce Support Group:. Based on the Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide, this group can bring hope and healing to separated and divorced Catholics.


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With the help Putting that Old Baggage Aside for the Child. Create a whole new system to co-parent together for the benefit of all. Women's Processing Circle.