What is a bank identification number

Every debit or credit card usually contains the BIN that is typically the first 4 to 6 numbers on the bank issued card. Such numbers easily identify the kind of card being used, which company or bank issued a card and also the geographic location of the card issuer. You can make an easy BIN search to know all info.


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Such kinds of credit or debit cards are not only used by the banking sectors but they are also issued by the several numbers of the private online money transaction institutions such as American Express, Walmart, Paypal and more. Once you have completed the online purchase, you then have to go to the payment page and use it identifying your issuer and do the proper transaction online. If the card or account is valid, your purchased amount will be reduced from your bank or other payment account.

Similarly, it is important to notice that you have to do all your purchases on within the existing limits on your card. Checking the BIN number will tell the retailer which bank issued the card, the brand of the card Visa, MasterCard… , the card level corporate, platinum… , the issuing country of the bank, and the card type credit, gift, debit.

what is BIN - explained

When accepting a card for payment online, the BIN allows merchants to easily tell which organization the money is being transferred from. They can then decline the transaction if fraud is suspected.

Importance Of Bank Identification Number Or BIN

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Bank Identification Number (BIN)

The PAN can be anywhere between 10 numbers to 19 numbers long. The PAN digits are pressed into the back of the plastic credit card and debit card.

This make the number appear raised on the front of the card.