Berg and the birth certificate

What other fraud is there!! America has gotten so evil since Obama began running for president!! I had a feeling they were obama supporters!! There is so many lies and deceit!! I want to move to Canada!! Obama has promised illegals heath insurance and a drivers license!! How many of those illegals have health insurance? I bet they do!!!

Oh well I guess us typical white people will just have to suffer!!!

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God is going to punish people for all the lies and deceit!! By the way I think his grandmother died before he ever visited Hawaii this last time!! Call it a feeling!! How does a broken hip become cancer?? They would never have let come come home with that broken hip!!

  • Mitchell Langbert's Blog: Phil Berg Files Motion Re Obama Birth Certificate.
  • Moe Berg documentary tackles mysteries of baseball catcher turned spy;
  • The Kabbalist and The ‘Birther’ - Tablet Magazine.

I am a cesspooler, but I look at your site and have always thought you are a decent person. Give the man a chance. I do not see an evil man in Obama by any means. I certainly do not see evil in the beautiful children he and his wife have raised. It is easy to get inundated in rumors, but we should still hope that he is a succesful President.

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Chris W, No one is sitting around praying for doom!! God will take care of that all by himself!! God says your sins will find you out!!

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No one knows what the future will hold from one day to the next!! If Mccain would have won, your response would have been different!! One thing, Mccain is a man of honor who served his country well and not you or others can take that away from him!!!! Lies, deceit!! I am contacting someone today!!

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I know just the person!! Rosettasister's Weblog.

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